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JSW CRM contacten en relatiebeheer JSW CRM contacten en relatiebeheer

JSW CRM manage contacts, locations, documents and videos for websites built with a Joomla 3! cms.

JSW CRM is built for creating and managing various items via the public (front-end) part of the website or via the administration part.De component kan op diverse manieren worden ingezet.

Users can add and manage their contacts, relations, locations, documents and videos themselves via a user-friendly full-responsive interface.

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This information can be shared in various ways (or if that is not desired, not).

Some examples of applications of JSW CRM:

  • An on-line address system for a club, company or other organization
  • Creating and displaying a portfolio
  • A member administration
  • A video directory (new from version 3.2.4)
  • Connect all kinds of information to a location with Google maps
  • Manage an address list for a user group in 1 central place that can be maintained with multiple users

Contact details

JSW CRM has a default set of data that can be added.
This can be easily expanded and adjusted with any necessary additional data.

Multi language

JSW CRM has 16 languages available by default.


In combination with JSW Event, JSW CRM can be used, for example, to create a list of participants for an event.
Through the registration system in JSW Event, registrations can be added directly to a selectable category in JSW CRM with the built-in on-line form system.


JSW CRM uses Google Maps or Openstreetmap to create and manage the locations/addresses in the system.

Adding an address is super simple.

This map location can then be used to display a Map on the website when the contact is made.

Make a Google Maps key here  & fill this in in the settings screen.

For the Openstreetmap version make a account at mapbox.com.


The contact details can be displayed in a variety of ways.

Some examples:

  • In a list below each other
  • In a gallery view, showing the contacts in blocks side by side
  • In a table
  • In a tree list view

Because JSW CRM can divide contacts into Nested categories and also has a tag system, a view can be made of the contacts for every conceivable wish and situation.

These can also be combined with each other in views.

The various ways of displaying the contacts is done with the creation of menu buttons.

A handy way is that with the menu system a Flat list can be made that, for example, shows all data with 1 or more categories, and can combine this with a selection of 1 or more tags.

Each view can be provided with a search bar, so that the visitor/user can find data even faster.

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