Yerseke Magazine 2018

Yerseke Magazine 2018 Yerseke Magazine 2018 Magazine: In&Out Reklame E versie van het Yerseke Magazine: JS Webdesign

New edition of the Yerseke Magazine 2018.

The printed version of the Yerseke Magazine is compiled and produced by In & Out Reklame from Yerseke.

JS Webdesign turns the Magazine into the html 5 Digital edition.

This is produced from the pdf version of the Magazine.
We load these into our special software and convert the magazine to a html 5 leaf document.

Only special features of the e-magazine:

Works on a computer screen, tablet and even on a smartphone
You can search textually in the e-magazine
Links to websites and other information that are present in the pdf work ..
The visitor who visits the magazine can post comments in the document in his version of the magazine
It is even possible to embed videos in the online version of your magazine or other e-document
In short, a great way to make your magazine, brochure or other document available online in an attractive way in your own house style.

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