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MKB Wemeldinge

mkbwemeldinge.nl mkbwemeldinge.nl

Extensive web project with various smart cloud solutions integrated.

In addition to the website, a large part of the administration of the association is managed via the website, such as member administration, company listing and the mentions of the members in Wegwijs in Wemeldinge, the guide that is issued by MKB Wemeldinge every year.

This guide is made available free of charge to residents and tourists in Wemeldinge.

Additional Info

  • CMS: Ja
  • Uitbreidingen: Spec. Contactformulier(en), Fotogalerij, CCK systeem, Event systeem, Responsive website, Mobielvriendelijk, JSW CRM Contacten en relatiebeheer
  • Huidige website gebouwd in: 2014, gerestyled in 2016
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