JSW Event 4 (Product code: jswevent-4020)

Price: € 71,39

Version 4.0.20

Website views

Administrator screens

Let the user manage his events & registrations with JSW Event.

Create & manage calendars & events from frontend & backend
Show the event with
- description of the event
- startdate & time
- end date & time
- maximum amount of participant
- registration possibilities: by email, website, or useraccount (needs jswcrm)
- image
- with document to download
- location (map) & address
- Users with Author-rights can make & manage their own events from the frontend of the website


  • Let users create & manage their own events with friendly interface
  • Show event in a list, flatlist, tree, a table, a gallery or calendar
  • Tag system build in
  • Filter events by tag or user to show, lots of possibilities
  • Show the events of a user
  • Show the user his own events & let them manage their events from the full responsive frontend interface
  • Get registrations for a event by e-mail, on another webpage or for example payed registrations via a webshop, or with a form
  • Show the location of the event in a map
  • Select marker for the map location
  • Create & manage your own markers from the administrator
  • Create a map of all the events with the mapsmodule

Multilanguage (23 languages)

License | Listed on Extensions.joomla.org

1 year updates & support

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