K2 Product template (Code: )


To send your products with "product" Metadata to the Google search engine, we made this template for K2.



Install the product template

Extract the downloaded zip file to your PC and Upload the product folder contained in the zip file to the K2 template folder.

This folder can be found in "root directory of your Joomla installation" / components / com_k2 / templates.


This folder normally contains a default template in a K2 installation, which is set as a standard template in a standard K2 installation.

Upload the product template to this folder, so that after uploading there are 2 folders in the templates folder of K2: default and the new product template.

  • In K2, create a category for your products items, for example a category Products.
  • Click on the newly created category and click on display settings at the top.
  • Here you can now select the new present product template at the top at Select a template.
  • Now choose the product template here.
  • Select at the bottom of this screen at SEO product as display.
  • For the display of the K2 items of the products category, the product template is now used as the standard display.

Create the extra fields for a product item.

In K2, under Extra field groups, create an extra field group Product
Add the following additional fields to this group of fields:

  • Brand - text field -
    and set the alias for this "brand" in the alias box
  • Type - text field -
    and set "pname" as the alias for this field in the alias box
  • Price € - text field -
    and set "price" as the alias for this field in the alias box
  • Description - text area -
    and set the alias for this field "pdescription" in the alias box
  • Seller - text field -
    and set "Seller" as the alias for this field in the alias box
  • Price valid until - Date -
    and as alias for this field, set "priceValidUntill" in the alias box
    The data entered in the extra fields is picked up with the aliases by the template and used to generate the structured data.

Testing the metadata

After you have made your first product page, filled in the extra information fields and the page can be reached publicly on your website, you can check how it works on this page from Google.


Copy and paste the url from your product page and click run test

Google now recognizes the published items on your website in the created category of products as "product".
For example, this will show the price of your product in the search results and, in our opinion, index your items better.

You can also request an example here of how (partly) the search result will look.

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