In order to experience JSW CRM 4, we have made a number of example applications!


A simple online workplace

A simple yet powerful online workplace without unnecessary bells and whistles.
Because you can create and manage multiple types of information with JSW CRM 4 in 1 application, you can set up a system that is easy to operate and manage.

An online Archive

Example of a simple online Archive, in the example, classified by year
Creating new folders and adding multiple files to this new folder at once is done with a few clicks.
Simply log in as a test user and experience the power of JSW CRM 4.

An online photo database

An example of an online photo database where you can add photos, tag photos by subject and enter the location where the photo was taken.

A club or organization example

In this example a number of simple, but powerful possibilities are shown as an example.
Such as a Agenda, Document archive, a To Do list and a simple message system.
Because you can manage the system with an unlimited number of users in JSW CRM 4, a powerful yet simple environment is created for managing the information of a club or organization.

User groups

The rights, who can and can do what, can be set at several levels in JSW CRM 4.
For example, a folder can only be made accessible to a specific user group, for example a board or committee, with a secretary "above it" who manages and adds the information in that folder.

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