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Manage articlepages, media and locations with joomla CMS easy!


Folder Installing JSW CRM

JSW CRM 5 can be installed like any other component. 

Folder Items Webpages

All the stuff you need for creating webpages in Joomla! with image, downloadfiles, media, contactinfo, social share, maps with location and links.

It works on the frontend and via the administrator..

Beside this you can give items Schema.org SEO stuff that makes your page index better in searchengines.

At he moment JSW CRM has the following seo structured data possibilities available for you to create nice pages:

  • Person
  • ImageObject
  • LocalBusiness
  • Article
  • BlogPost
  • Course
  • Event
  • Movie
  • NewsArticle
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Video
  • MediaObject
  • CreativeWork
  • Review

Wich type of items you are going to make you can tell the Category what kind of content it is.
All new items made in a category get standard the SEO settings of the catgory.
On item level you can override this to another seo type of structured data.

On some types of seo the layout for creating a new item shows the important fields for that type of seo automaticcaly.
This is pretty handy when you create for example a new event page or a new recipe for your website.


Folder Markers

Because JSW CRM has a maps tool built in, it needs markers for letting the location shown on the map.
You can make use of Openstreetmap or Google maps



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You can use JSW CRM 5 as a alternative for K2 in Joomla 3, 4 & Joomla 5.

It is not a clone of K2, but it's a bit different..

See how it works here..

It has some more features than K2 & it is missing some.

JSW CRM 5 is made for easy creating pages with lots of possibilities to set the layout of a page, what you want to see on a listpage for example, where the image is set in opposite of the text & how large it is showed.

Besides this we have focused on seo stuff, every page has seo properties, what's the subject?.

You can set the seo on category level & you can override it if a page of the category has another SEO goal.
The fields that a certain seo properties needs to make it properly index that way, are added in the edits screen of that page, so it should be easier to make pages that score in the searchengines..

Some of the properties of K2 are also built in JSW CRM 5

  • A new page only needs the title The rest is optional.
  • What you see on which layout you choose at menulevel can be set.
  • There are extra fields, but it works a bit different. Every page can be provided with a call to action button & some extra fields, Most of them show up when you select a certain seo property.
  • JSW CRM manages his own images & files, just like K2
  • JSW CRM creates a thumbnail of a large image you upload automatically, just like K2 does, only 1 format though, This image is used for all available layouts of a page. Works fine..
  • JSW CRM 5 has a image gallery tool added to it just like K2, But it needs one or more extra tools, just like K2..
    There are several ways to make this work the way you like in JSW CRM 5.

The main features that makes K2 so popular are there, JSW CRM has a few awesome things added to it that K2 does not have.
Here's a small list of what we came up with:

  • Of course JSW CRM 5 works on Joomla 3, 4 & Joomla 5, so migrating should not be a problem
  • JSW CRM 5 can handle (very) large files that can be added to a page as download
  • A JSW CRM 5 (item)page has a contactdata collection added to it you can use
  • You can add a location & map to a page. This needs a Google or Mapbox account.
  • It has several modules & plugins to do stuff with JSW CRM on the normal article pages of Joomla.
  • With a few clicks you can export all the data in the database to a csv zipfile
  • You can export a selection of items as csv you select in the admin
  • It has a first class full responsive interface front end & back end of the website
  • It's no problem to manage your website items from the front end with JSW CRM 5
  • It has extended possibilities on the user rights level. It even has more possibilities to set the rights of items & users than the Joomla core
  • JSW CRM 5 can manage video's & other media very easy, even streaming video's or other media from your own server is not a problem
  • JSW CRM 5 can connect to cloud files from providers like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox. Making a cloud file available in a item, just copy the link..

We are making some example pages made with JSW CRM 4 available here soon, so you can see what's possible...

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The newest version of JSW CRM 5 (5.0.3)

  • Update of the event section so you can handle registrations
  • Admin interface update so it's more userfriendly
  • Various other improvements

JSW CRM 5 for Companies


  • Contact & relation management
  • User management
  • Documents management
  • Share documents with clients & users
  • Agenda management
  • Projects management
  • Manage Maps & Locations


JSW CRM 5 for Clubs

files location contactsClubs

  • Manage content pages
  • Manage members
  • New Member form
  • Reactions form
  • Documents management
  • Maps & Locations management
  • Documents sharing with members & users
  • Agenda management Calendar view
  • Archive management
  • Manage Media (video, mp3)

JSW CRM 5 for webdesigners

bullet redWebdesigners

  • REST app
  • BREAD Data
  • HMVC framework
  • Websites & documentsystems
  • Create contacts en relation management
  • Media en documents management with cms system
  • Add new functions fast to a existing website
  • App for full-responsive frontend/backend environment
  • Map locations en data management
  • Tool for managing data with multiple users
  • Receive easily  (large) files from your client in your own system
  • Joomla 3, 4 & 5

JS Webdesign

Webdesign Innovators


Test examples

To test one of the examples log-in with:
Test account as frontend editor:
username: testuser
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Test account as Visitor/guestuser:
username: guestuser
Password: guestuser2022

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Other examples

  • Workspace
  • Archief
  • Photoarchive
  • Club Organisation