Examples of the Items module possibillities

The JSW CRM 5 items module can show items in a module position in various ways.

Here below some (4) examples of these layouts.

item module List example

default Layout examples possibilities

marker In Items Webpages

Examples of the different layouts you can use per item or category.

Items module calendar

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Modsource items-calendar

JSW CRM 5 for Companies


  • Contact & relation management
  • User management
  • Documents management
  • Share documents with clients & users
  • Agenda management
  • Projects management
  • Manage Maps & Locations


JSW CRM 5 for Clubs

files location contactsClubs

  • Manage content pages
  • Manage members
  • New Member form
  • Reactions form
  • Documents management
  • Maps & Locations management
  • Documents sharing with members & users
  • Agenda management Calendar view
  • Archive management
  • Manage Media (video, mp3)

JSW CRM 5 for webdesigners

bullet redWebdesigners

  • REST app
  • BREAD Data
  • HMVC framework
  • Websites & documentsystems
  • Create contacts en relation management
  • Media en documents management with cms system
  • Add new functions fast to a existing website
  • App for full-responsive frontend/backend environment
  • Map locations en data management
  • Tool for managing data with multiple users
  • Receive easily  (large) files from your client in your own system
  • Joomla 3, 4 & 5

JS Webdesign

Webdesign Innovators


Test examples

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Other examples

  • Workspace
  • Archief
  • Photoarchive
  • Club Organisation