JSW Fin is a component for your CRM application for managing invoices, offers & other financial stuff.

The first version of JSW Fin is available now.

Try the testversion out here

Create a useraccount or login with the sample account to view/test out JSW Fin


  • Create, print, export to pdf & manage invoices from a Joomla cms interface
  • Create offers
  • Manage costs from a project
  • Manage a simple financial administration
  • Manage the data in JSW Fin with multiple users
  • Create offers & invoices for your costumers. The costumers data is managed by JSW CRM


  • Tax value can be set in the configuration (1 value available + 0%)
  • Possibility to work with multiple currencies (set the currency per category)
  • Print invoices directly from the full-responsive interface of the invoice ( works best with Google Chrome)

  • Joomla cms handles only the core usermanagement
  • Contact & Relationmanagement from the frontend or backend
  • New: Manage all kinds of documents, audio,video etc.
  • Joomla user can manage/edit his items & share them (or not) with all the users in the system

  • Google maps application embedded for creating and managing the address-data

  • Maps available in various formats based on the menuitem
  • Frontend & backend responsive userfriendly interface
  • Fully responsive views and user interfaces
  • Extended user rights management.
    User can see all contacts or just the ones you want them to see..
  • Possibility for filtering items of a view at creating a menuitem based on category, multiple categories, tags or only the items from the logged-in user
  • Possible views (table, list, flatlist gallery, tree)
  • Sub-categories inheret the user and view rights from the main category at creating them standard 

  • You can make a part of the information only available for certain usergroup(s) 
  • Categories & subcategories
  • Show contacts only for the registred user(s) or (a selection) to the public visitor
  • Available in 16 languages (see flags on top-right corner of this page)

Use JSW CRM For:

  • managing membersdata of a organisation or club in the cloud
  • Relationmanagement for a company or other organisation
  • Showing a portfolio
  • All situations where you want a item be connected to a Google map  


To test out one of the components
 make a useraccount.

Or log-in with:

username: testuser

password: test2017