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If you want to try out JSW Event Create a useraccount on this website or log-in with:

username: testuser

password: test2017

Create a new event here

Fill in just a title and some other data you want in the event.

After you saved the event, the just created event is available under the button My events through the frontend interface.

This way you can make use and try out of all the features of JSW Event.

If you set Register by form on Useraccount to Yes the registrations are available for the publisher of the event under Who is coming.

Order JSW Event here




Event example Populair

Evenement van: JS Webdesign

08:00 uur
00:00 uur

Omschrijving Evenement

Description example event intro

Evenement van: JS Webdesign
Label(s): exampletag
Locatie: Central Station